The download document in this section gives you a basic understanding of gluing theory, a guideline how to work with assembling the sail panels using the Q-Bond System, and also our test results showing joint width and glue temperature in various sail fabrics during activation.

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Sail makers or sail fabric producers wanting us to test joining of new sail fabrics are always welcome to contact us. We do the joining and describe the result of the test as surface activation temperature, temperature inside the joint in the glue, joint width and also shear strength properties. The result will be published in the down-load document called Activation temperature.

Gluing technology

A technical paper describing glue and the Q-Bond® gluing technique

Sail assembly

Guideline to assembly the sail with Q-Bond Tape

Activation temperature

This guideline indicates how to use the Mobile Activation device from Q-Bond AB regarding settings for various cloth/fabrics.