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About Q-Bond

Q-Bond® is an independent company developing, producing and selling know- how and equipment to join technical textiles with improved function and performance of the final product.

The Q-Bond Joint is a lamination process joining sail panels under very high pressure, to shape the form of the sail to an outstanding strength, longevity and form stability.

We have delivered our sail joining system to the most demanding sail makers in the world and have set a word standard in joining three dimensional technical textiles in products where strength, form stability and productivity in the product and production process is a must.


Mobile Activation Device

Producing sails with the Mobile Activation Unit is a unique method.

Q-Bond tape

Joining sails with the Q-Bond Method is a fast lamination process resulting in very strong, very flexible and long-lived joints, that has been proven during many years all over the world by many sailors.

Mobile Cutting Device

The ultrasonic cutter cuts all major sailcloths materials from thinnest spinnaker cloth to the thickest woven Dynema/Spectra textile.