Q-Edge Tape

Q-Edge Tape

The Q-Edge Tape covers the Q-Bond Joints. The Q-Edge Tape is a thin Mylar film sealing the joint. With a sealed joint no water penetrates the laminate by capillary impregnation of the reinforcing fibers in the sail. With water in the fibers you can get unpleasant surprises like delaminating of a sail panel caused by vapor or ice depending on the climate you are using the sail in. From a production point the sail maker benefit from reduced cleaning of the sail and of the used equipment as no glue residues will be pressed out during the activation.

The Q-Edge Tape also enhances the tensile strength of the joint before curing of the Q-Bond Tape is ready. When producing sails with large intakes in the broad seaming, we advise you to use a wide Q-Edge Tape to secure the ends near the luff or leach of the sail.

Technical Specification

The Q-Bond Tapes are delivered in multiples of 10 rolls, and with 66 meter in each roll. 

The tape exists in four widths:

  • QET 10 being 10mm wide
  • QET 20 being 20mm wide
  • QET 50 being 50mm wide
  • QET 80 being 80mm wide

Order product

The Q-Edge Tape is ordered from Dimension-Polyants Customer Service office or from their sales staff.
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