Light - Fast - Strong

Light – Fast – Strong are the key words for our customers’ sails as well as the leading star for our product development. At Q-Bond AB we are developing new products and services with the aim to enhance the total quality of the sails and to improve the sail making process.

We have asked a technical university to perform independent test the Q-Bond Joints and compare it with traditional sewn seams. The test environments were set up to stress the joints with UV-light, salt water and a lot of forces. Read the test report under independent tests as a pdf-download.

Technical paper from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden

In 1999 tests of joints made with Q-bond technology and traditional sewn seams various sail-cloth material where made at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. The result showed that the bonded sail-cloth was two to five times stronger than the sewn joints. Accelerated climate chamber tests also indicated ten times stronger UV-light resistant in comparison to ordinary sewn seams.


Own R & D

We continuously test new sail fabric material in our laboratory and publish our results on our website. We encourage sail fabric producer to send us samples to join with the Q-Bond Method and we will test the strength in the joint and in the sail fabric. Read more in the pdf-downloads Tech Guidelines.

We offer sail maker confidential tests of fabrics and sail components to specific designs.

The Q-Bond joint is stronger than the laminate itself